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1st Academy of Beauty


  I’ve alwaysbeen fascinated by nails and designs and when I found First Academy of Beauty I immediately knew it was the right school for me. The school is very organized and has the latest equiptment. The instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and always make me feel positive about what I’m learning. I recommend the school to anyone trying to start a new and exciting career!





     I am a student in the Barbering course here at First Academy of Beauty and so far my experience here has been very positve. I am learning about this great tradition from it’s inception to it’s modern times. I get real outside world experience and the teachers are very passionate about teaching other students. The staff is very friendly and motivating and the classrooms and practical rooms are well equiped. I definitely recommend this school to anyone that wants to be self employed or is looking for an exciting and sociable career!






I am currently in the Esthetics course here at First Academy of Beauty and I love it! I am learning so much from well experienced instructors and I get the best real world outside job experience. I can’t wait to graduate and begin my new exciting career!